Diets are all about restriction.

“Ok, I’m going on this diet, I’m going to do no carbs and no sugar.”

Flash forward 2 hours, you’re standing in your kitchen…

“Ugh, I want something sooo bad…”

*Opens Fridge*

“I want that leftover pasta. No, stop I can’t have carbs. Maybe just a bite, though. No, I cannot have carbs!!”

*Walks away from fridge*

Flash forward 4 minutes…

*Walks Back to fridge, opens fridge, takes out pasta*

“Ok, just one bite then I’ll really be good. Oh my gosh, sooooo good. Ok, I’ll just finish this and then tomorrow I’ll really have no carbs at all not even healthy ones…”

Sound familiar? It’s ok, I’ve done it too. Over and over and over and over again.

When we focus on something, it becomes reality. However, the law of thoughts becoming things does not know the difference of putting “not” in front of something. For instance, if you are telling your brain “no carbs”, you might as well just be saying “CARBS!!!!!!”

So don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t blame yourself for not being able to stick to strict diets you really do want to go on. Diets involve restrictions, and restrictions involve telling your brain “no ____”; while you may be setting a restriction on yourself, you’re really just playing yourself because your energy is focusing on that ____ which means you’re going to end up being drawn toward that ____ you want to have ‘none’ of.

Push diets aside and push rules aside. Get them out of your way!!!! Instead, make a plan that involves whole, natural foods that are delicious and nutritious. Think about and plan your meals before hand, and focus on those foods you will eat, and think about how amazing they are for your body and your mind. You’re not setting restrictions, you’re introducing an abundance of nutrition into your life so you can get your body and mind into power mode and be the babe you’re meant to be!

Another important factor is to push aside the body shaming. Forget about looking in the mirror and getting angry and sad about some extra fat cells on your belly. Again, if you’re focusing on extra fat, you’re going to set yourself up for getting more of it – without intending to. Thoughts become things, it’s a universal law. Use it to your advantage!

Instead, try spending 3-5 minutes a day closing your eyes and picturing yourself in the best shape of your life. Picture yourself prancing around with this high energy and lean, strong body! Feel what it feels like to really be at your best. Putting focus on this will help you stay motivated to taking the actions – working out, eating proper nutrition, getting control of your thoughts.

So give yourself a break. Focus on the beauty of what natural, whole foods can do for your body. Get moving. Feel the results you want. And you will finally experience it.