Are you familiar with the Fitbit, Apple Watch, Jawbone and other wearable devices out there? I think it’s safe to assume you are. The wearable technology industry is booming, but there is a particular wearable device that is about to skyrocket all over the world, one that is revolutionizing not only the wearable tech industry, but also the healthcare industry!

Have you heard of the HELO? World Global Network has technology that no other company has been able to develop yet. In fact, it’s so revolutionizing that Toshiba tried to buy this wearable device from World Global Network’s owner Fabio Galdi. Of course, being the extremely successful business man inside the tech world that Fabio is, he turned down the offer. Toshiba then decided to partner with him instead.

According to Forbes, CCS Insight has updated its outlook on the future of wearable tech, indicating that 411 million smart wearable devices, worth around $34 billion, will be sold in 2020. The HELO is leading this giant boom, as it is the only wearable tech device on the market that has the technology to read blood pressure, perform an ekg, and so much more. The next model is going to test blood sugar levels (yup, without pricking your skin), blood alcohol level, repel mosquitos and so much more – talk about a game changer!

This wearable tech device is incredible. Check it out for yourself in this short video!

Plus, you can attach doctors, loved ones and even your personal trainer to your HELO through your app – taking accountability to a whole new level. Some of my clients have recently added me to theirs and I’m monitoring their calories burned and steps, helping them stay on track and make changes where necessary!

As if the HELO wasn’t enough, World Global Network ALSO developed BioZen, which is an extremely low frequency wave shield that comes in the form of a sticker so you can put one on each of your electronics. This will stop the harmful radiation called electrosmog from entering your DNA and causing damage. Whether you’re using your laptop, cell phone or even a baby monitor, you need to protect you and your loved ones from absorbing this harmful radiation. Check out how it works here…

I am so impressed and thrilled with these products that I decided to get behind them and really help them create a movement. Not only are they helping others keep their health in check and prevent diseases, they are also helping people across the world create financial breakthroughs – something I also want to help others make, so they can follow their true passion and have the income stream to fund it until their passion funds itself.

Whether you want a HELO for yourself and your loved ones or if you want to apply to join my personal team and work together, send me an email ( and I’ll get you taken care of!