Turning up the appreciation in your life will literally attract more reasons to be appreciative into your life. Plus, appreciation just feels good! It is not possible for you to feel any negative emotions while you are truly feeling what it feels like to appreciate.

For 1 full year as of March 20, 2017, I have written down 3 things to be grateful for each day. I did not miss a single day, and I am still going strong with it. As amazing as gratitude is, it can sometimes be hard to “feel” if you’ve already got some momentum going in a negative direction. I realized, however, what helped me to bring forth the FEELING of gratitude, was shifting my focus to “appreciating”. While feeling gratitude is truly powerful, there seems to be a step upward on the emotional scale when you shift into appreciation. So now each morning when I first open my eyes, I write down three things I truly appreciate. Then I carry this feeling of appreciation with me as I continue into my morning routine. This truly makes the world of a difference, as you can then be intentional about feeling the way you desire and building the momentum inside your mind in the right direction.

Whether you like it or not, your thoughts do not stop, and you will build momentum into a direction on the emotional scale via your thoughts, so it is important to be intentional about choosing which direction you prefer. Otherwise, you may end up deep into the wrong direction, and experience frustration, disappointment, doubt, worry, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, and even depression. We feel the discomfort of these emotions on such a deep level because it is our higher-being’s way of communicating to us to tell us that we are not aligned with our true selves. We are not aligned with our true selves when we are not happy, and one of the fastest ways to re-align is through appreciation.

There is always SOMETHING you can look at in an appreciative way, it is always within reach of you. It may take a little while to truly FEEL appreciative, and it may seem a bit forced at first, but if you can slow down your thoughts, take some time to simply just breathe and be, you’ll be able to make the space within you to feel that appreciative feeling again.

It is vital you align with your true self and recognize when you are disconnected. Your emotions will definitely let you know, so start listening to your emotional guidance system and when it seems to be shouting at you to do something to feel happier, try turning up the appreciation.

3 Ways To Turn Up The Appreciation Daily

  • Wake up & write down three things you appreciate
  • Meditate: try one of these guided meditations or simply close your eyes, take deep, slow breaths, turn your focus to your breathing, then reflect on things you are grateful for and how much you appreciate them, then harness that feeling of appreciation and enjoy it for a little while before opening your eyes
  • Go for a walk with an intention to find a way to appreciate as many things as you can along the way

When you can live from a place where you are connected to your true-self, you will not only enjoy life so much more, but you will be inspired to take action toward the best things for you and for others. Life will open up for you. Start by appreciating.