If you want to feel free and achieve measurable, long-lasting results, learn the SEXYFIT METHOD and transform in 5 steps! Zlata will support you through it!



There is something truly special about crossing paths with an inspiring person who is on a similar mission as you are. Meet Zlata Sushchik and the Sexyfit Method. It’s actually her birthday today, and she’s making you part of the celebration by offering the SEXYFIT METHOD eBook for only $7.00! Zlata, you are the best.



Let me tell you a bit about why you’d want to get your hands on this eBook ASAP.

  1. No Fluff and BS
  • One major key when it comes to effective health and fitness is cutting out the BS! Zlata is realistic and honest about what it takes to achieve the lasting results you’ve always wanted physically while helping you to say goodbye to the rollercoaster of “eating bad”, overeating, under-eating, using food as comfort, and so much more. THIS right here is the stuff that most of us struggle with, because we’re constantly overwhelmed and straight up confused with all of the fad diets and “quick fixes” out there. Sure, some of those fad diets may get you some quick results, but if you’re honest with yourself you know they never last and they make you miserable while doing it – causing you to start all the way back at square one way too quickly (except maybe even more frustrated than you were before).
  1. Rooted in Necessary Core Values
  • Zlata earned my trust after our first conversation because I recognized her core values. After reading the SEXYFIT METHOD, I grew crazy fond of her. She has clear core values that are truly necessary to not only get in the best shape of your life and stay that way, but to also give your mental health a boost of happiness.
  • The book begins with her story, which will spike an inspiration in you just because of the beauty of her hard work, dedication and heart. Not only did she pull herself up, but she’s devoted to helping others live better lives – THIS IS LIVING.
  • Zlata addresses mindset, attitude, and beliefs – all of which are necessary to shift into a more positive light in order to be happy now and to progress consistently. As you can imagine, this was one of my favorite parts of her book.
  • Zlata breaks down nutrition on a scientific factual basis, teaching you how to properly count your macros for your body specifically. Recently I’ve been a little lazy with this, so I loved having this reminder to get back on track with. Counting macros may sound a little overwhelming, but Zlata teaches you in such a way that you actually feel more FREE with eating than ever before – WHILE achieving optimum results. She even includes a portion control cheat sheet that compares everyday life items to the amount of certain foods you should eat. I loved this, as it is such easy reminders without having to grab measuring cups, spoons and scales all the time – something I personally hate to do.
  1. Kept Ultra Simple, Yet Ultra Effective
  • Writing an entire book is a TON of work. So props to you Zlata for not only creating the SEXYFIT METHOD, but also creating it in such a simple, easy to use, effective manner.
  • Each section is clear and to the point.
  • Charts, Worksheets, Schedules, Routines and Recipes leave you with no excuses, as you are completely equipped with what you need to make this simple for you.
  • The SEXYFIT METHOD has an underlying tone of keeping life light and enjoyable, making all of this more fun.
  1. You Get a Lot More Value Than You Pay For
  • Years of study and experience laid out for you simply.
  • It’ll teach you to introduce a mindset that will help you in every area of your life.
  • Entire 21-day transformation plan (specific and easy to follow) included!
  • Fitness plan is easy to follow, and each workout is just 21 minutes! Yes, just 21 minutes!
  • Entire cookbook inside with delicious recipes you can use forever!
    • Including desserts you can feel good about eating!
  1. Interactive Accountability Included
  • At the end of chapters, Zlata re-addresses key points for you to put into practice after learning them. Learning what’s necessary is only half of it, applying it to your life is a whole other story – but Zlata makes this part simple to do.
  • In the last chapter, ‘How To Stay Accountable With Your Progress’, Zlata provides 7 consistent ways to take action on being held accountable resulting in consistent results.

If you want to feel free and achieve measurable, long-lasting results, learn the SEXYFIT METHOD and transform in 5 steps! Zlata will support you through it!

XO, Taylor

!COLLABORATION ALERT! I am honored to have been interviewed by this beautiful woman on her killer Sexyfit Podcast, which will air this Monday, February 27th! You can tune in HERE!