Whether you meditate on a regular bases or have never tried it before, this little mind vacation will have you remembering the greatness of life.

We are constantly on this quest for happiness, assigning our happiness to certain conditions, like our dreams coming true. Well, what if, the moment you decide what you want and desire, it already becomes true? Being that we are creators of our own reality, we actually do have the power to think up what we want, from our most pure intention, and it will be created immediately. It may not be present in your physical reality yet, but it is created and you will get there. Guess what the only way of truly getting there is? To start enjoying the journey of life itself through enjoyment. Yup, your most important job is to maintain your alignment with your truest self and choose to enjoy each and every day.

Use this guided meditation to remind you to enjoy your current adventure.

Go ahead, grab your headphones, sit in a quiet space and press play.