Ok, so I don’t love the words “till summer” because that implies that you will stop being consistent once summer hits, but what I really mean is that if you can get yourself to be consistent starting now, by summer it will be so ingrained in you and you will be so in love with the benefits that you wouldn’t even see stopping as an option.

Ok, consistent with what?

Well, you always say you want to be in your best shape physically right? You’ve already thought about how this summer, you’re going to feel amazing in a bikini.

You also always say how you’re going to stress less and become happier. You also say you’re going to spend more time doing things you enjoy and that you’re going to be more productive.

Oh, and you’ve definitely mentioned how you’re going to be so good with eating and you’re going to avoid overeating.

Yet, I keep hearing you say – nothing works! It’s so hard, I am so good but I just don’t see any results.

Instead of focusing on saying it’s hard or doesn’t work for you, why don’t you ask yourself this, “Have you stayed consistent with any of the steps that will help you achieve the above?”

Ask yourself, and answer honestly, have you…

…ever really given these tools a real, true shot?

…meditated everyday for 90 days before? Or even 30 days?

…ever eaten totally natural and with a purpose to fuel your body for 30 days? Or even 2 weeks?

…ever chosen to exercise 5x/week for 90 days? Or even 30?

…replaced unwanted thoughts with the feeling of gratitude?

Well, if you cannot answer yes to these questions, be honest and let yourself know that you are missing out on a way happier version of yourself. The good news is, there is a ton of beauty coming your way. Why? Since you haven’t even begun to use the power of health to power up your life, you have a giant growth-spurt in every area of your life coming your way. This is exciting! You can now see clearly that all you have to do is commit to yourself. You have so many benefits awaiting you, and this is the first day of your journey to a happier you. This is the day you make the commitment to trust the process and allow yourself to actually experience an entire boost in your life. This is the day you commit to daily meditation, smart & effective workouts, eating natural foods and starting each morning with gratitude. This is the day you commit to bettering your entire life. You deserve it, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do what’s needed to increase your happiness?

I’d say so!!!

Look, I’m going to help you get on this journey. My entire purpose in life is to help others become their happiest, best versions of themselves. This is what my heart was created for, and I will stop at nothing until I can truly make an impact.

Here is a 3-month workout program you can download, the cost is on me, it’s totally free:

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Here are 3 guided meditations you can alternate and use one every single morning:

CLICK HERE for the “Get Clear On What You Want” Meditation

CLICK HERE for the “I Am My Dream-Self” Meditation

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Here is a free coaching series you can finish in 1 week to learn 5 new habits to support your new lifestyle: CLICK HERE

And here is my email, taylor@mybodytaylor.com. If you need extra support and you’re ready to truly experience who you really are, and the real power that lies within you, let’s set up a meet so we can discuss the best options for you!

To those of you who did already answer yes to those questions, great job. Keep going! This path of growth is literally never-ending, it is a journey of endless opportunity to feel happier than you’ve ever felt before. I commend you for your dedication and trust in yourself and who we are created to be.