We all have struggles in this life, it is inevitable. However, we also all have the power to overcome these struggles – so why do so many people go through so much of their lives not knowing this and not using their power to overcome?

Unfortunately we are not always taught about what we truly need most in order to put our power into practice.

Our power lies within us, but not us alone. Our power lies in our connection to God and His universe, it lies in our relationship to this very energy.

If you don’t have a developing relationship with God, you won’t be able to attune to the energy He can provide. When is the last time to spoke with God in your own words? When is the last time you took a walk in nature by yourself and took notice to the beauty and perfection that nature is? Did you ever notice that you are made from this same perfect energy? When is the last time you fully engulfed yourself in letting go and allowing pure silence so you could actually hear what this energy might be saying to you?

When this relationship is developed and strengthened because YOU CHOOSE to do so, this is when you can begin to feel the strength of your power again. It goes beyond logic, it goes beyond what you can see with your physical eyes, it will provide strength within your weakest points. But it’s not automatic – it’s a choice. Embodying this energy is part of the free will we were given. So it’s up to you. If you are a human being, YOU CAN LIVE WITHIN THIS ENERGY. You have access, but you can also block it.

As we grow older and are faced with life’s adversities, we lose our connection. The standards of society mesh with and become our own and we can little by little lose our connection – the most important thing in our lives!

No matter the struggle my clients go through, each of them claiming their power back and turning their lives around both inwardly and outwardly (landing a new job, clearing anxiety, losing weight, overcoming poor habits, overcoming depression and more) directly involve building this connection and rising through this energy.

This is not a quick fix, this is not a band-aid – this is the only TRUE WAY to fix the route cause of the struggling. This is what will open the doors to opportunities better than you can dream of and to a fulfillment you did not know possible.

When will you develop, and I mean TRULY develop this connection so you can channel this pure energy into yourself, your life and those around you?

Only you can decide.

How about now?