I’ll admit, there are definitely certain types of crunches that do some great work, but most crunches are actually not a very healthy and natural movement for your spine.

Instead of doing hundreds of crunches that don’t seem to give much back to you, try this core circuit that will definitely increase your abdominal definition – plus, it’ll create serious strength and efficiency in the most natural way your body is meant to move!


Here’s the circuit:

Perform 3-5 rounds (depending when you feel you can’t keep going) of the following…

Movement #1: Side Kicks – 25 each side

  • I’m sure you weren’t expecting to see these, but as you keep your weight shifted back into the planted leg and lift the opposite leg for the kick using your obliques (sides of your abs) you’ll feel some major core work!

taylor bosco

Movement #2: High Plank Alternating Leg Lifts – 30 alternating reps

  • Be sure you keep your body sturdy and try to refrain from swaying your hips. Think about using your core to raise your leg. Also think about firing your glutes for an added bum toning (we all know we want that!)

taylor bosco

Movement #3: Crab Walks/Bridge Opposite Hand to Foot Touches – 30 alternating reps

  • Start in a bridge on all fours. This movement is awesome for your core, just make sure you focus on your core staying engaged to help lift into the touch. Plus, you’ll get a bonus tone up in your shoulders, arms, glutes and hamstrings!!

taylor bosco


Add this circuit to the end of cardio sessions 2-3x/week for that extra core toning boost!! If you’re ready for a full-on, customized program for your body specifically, let’s get you on your own plan before that “winter bod” sets in 😉 Click here for your complimentary fitness consultation!