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10 Minute Abs to Increase Core Results

With Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, it's time to be SUMMER READY! While being consistent all year long is what will really get you that bikini bod you want, it's also super helpful to pump up the workouts and clean up the eating to a more strict level...

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Introducing Bridal Coaching

I am so excited to be working with brides-to-be on not only getting in the best shape of their entire lives, but also feeling the best they have ever felt. Your wedding is the most celebrated occasion of your life, and it's pretty safe to say that every bride-to-be...

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The Scoop on Bulletproof (& Why I Love It)

After having about 20 people ask me to explain bulletproof on the phone after hearing that I'm into it, I decided I would give you the lowdown here so you can try it for yourself! I'm sure you've heard a ton about "bulletproof" lately, whether it be in regards to...

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Stop Sulking, Start Thriving (Mind, Body AND Life)

"I'm fat. I'm gross. Ugh. Everything sucks. I'm tired of not making any money. I'm so bored. I wish I looked like her. I'm so bad at working out. I'm so tired. No one cares. No one understands me..."   If you've had any of these thoughts run through your mind,...

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Why Having A Life Coach Is Essential

The world we live in is an incredibly packed world - how do you even begin to decide which direction is right for you? How do you even begin to move past what's in your way and toward what you really want? It's hard enough to achieve enough clarity to even KNOW what...

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If you want to feel free and achieve measurable, long-lasting results, learn the SEXYFIT METHOD and transform in 5 steps! Zlata will support you through it! XO Taylor There is something truly special about crossing paths with an inspiring person who is on a similar...

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What Forbes Says About Wearable Technology

Are you familiar with the Fitbit, Apple Watch, Jawbone and other wearable devices out there? I think it's safe to assume you are. The wearable technology industry is booming, but there is a particular wearable device that is about to skyrocket all over the world, one...

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My Go-To Jumpstart: Smoothie & Salad Method

Safe to say we all fall on and off the track of perfectly clean eating here and there. Whether it's our hormones getting the best of us or social situations too hard to resist, when we make that 'splurge' it may unravel an all too familiar chain of cravings. When this...

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Stat Consistent Till Summer: Body AND Mind

Ok, so I don't love the words "till summer" because that implies that you will stop being consistent once summer hits, but what I really mean is that if you can get yourself to be consistent starting now, by summer it will be so ingrained in you and you will be so in...

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Why “DIET”s Don’t Work

Diets are all about restriction. "Ok, I'm going on this diet, I'm going to do no carbs and no sugar." Flash forward 2 hours, you're standing in your kitchen... "Ugh, I want something sooo bad..." *Opens Fridge* "I want that leftover pasta. No, stop I can't have carbs....

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