It’s time you recognize and start honoring your true power. You have free will. You literally have the power to think any thought you choose. Use this power and choose better thoughts, thoughts that allow you to feel peace, to feel uplifted, to feel inspired. Doing so will allow you to then create an entire life of peace, upliftment and inspiration.

You’re here to truly live. But being that you have free will, you’re not forced to live any certain way. So it’s left up to you to choose how you’re going to feel. Sure, it may not be that easy to think good thoughts when things around you aren’t going as well as you’d like or when you’re actually having an incredibly hard time within your life right now, but life is going to be full of peaks and valleys whether you like it or not. We wouldn’t even be able to really appreciate the peaks if we didn’t have the valleys to show us the contrast. So really, we should be thankful we have valleys. They allow us to really feel the peaks.

So when you are in the valleys, find the gift. Find the reason that allows you to reach for better thoughts, despite the condition in front of you. For example, if you didn’t get a certain job you wanted or you didn’t get the girl/guy you wanted a relationship with, let go of the thoughts that have you focusing on how you missed out on this, how you failed. Instead, find it in yourself to exercise your power to choose your thoughts and choose to think thoughts that allow you to feel the relief. One way to do this is to put your focus on feeling appreciative for this diversion in your path because all it really means is that it was not right, it was not what you actually wanted. Your higher self knows what you want and knows what you need the most. Your higher self will guide you to the exact things you really desire that matter most to you. It just might be hard to see because disappointment is never easy. You’ve got to turn your trust to an all-time high in these moments and have faith that this had to happen in order for something greater to come into your life, and it’s definitely worth it. Surrender to the plan your higher and truest self has for you. It’s what you truly want. Plus, it takes away the stress of trying to control everything. The only thing you can truly control are your thoughts and, therefore, the way you feel. So exercise your power to do so, and your life will open up beautifully for you.

From one life-liver to the next, enjoy on. Life is a gift. The fact that we are here, able to live it, is enough to find appreciation and joy. Be in the moment. Embrace each moment for what it is. Allow it to service it’s purpose, even if you don’t quite understand it yet. Go with it. As long as you’re showing up in each moment with trust in God, your higher self, and the universe, there is nothing to be afraid of.