I’ve got some uplifting inspiration for you all today!! There is a beautiful soul who is incredibly beautiful on the outside as well who I had the honor of working with. Meet my client, Jenny Bryant – yup, the beauty you saw on MBT Monthly Magazine cover this month!!!


Jenny was already in great shape when we started working together, but she had goals to meet that would help her enhance and progress her modeling career & her inner happiness…and so, we did just that! And boy did it help both! Now she is booking left and right for Reebok & other exciting gigs! Plus, she is working super hard with school so she can pursue her desire to become a business woman boss-babe! Talk about a go-getter 🙂 Love this gal!!

I went ahead and interviewed this little gem so you can get to know her beautiful soul and understand the importance of working on yourself for a better life!





Check out her before and after…and scroll down for the interview!!!jenny my body taylor

Interview with Jenny Bryant

Taylor: Let’s give our readers a little background on who you are…How old are you, what state do you live in and what is your dream career you are working towards?

Jenny: My name is Jenny Bryant. I’m a 17 year old high school student and model. My dream career would be in business and marketing, so modeling has been a great way for me to get involved and insight into the industry. I also want to keep modeling!

Taylor: Love it. It’s great that you want to pursue a career in business as well and your modeling career can help you so much in that world as well! Now let’s share your experience with MBT…Which MBT program did you complete?

Jenny: I did the 3-month STEP UP workout program and then worked one on one with her designing workouts for me as well.

Taylor: What were your goals you wanted to achieve through MBT before you started?

Jenny: My goal before starting My Body Taylor was to gain tone and strength and meet my measurements for modeling. I was quickly surprised how quickly I saw the goals I had set achieved!

Taylor: What was your biggest challenge in sticking with the program and how did you overcome it?

Jenny: My biggest challenge I had were occasional off days, yes everyone has one from time to time. With Taylor, she was there to check up on my workouts and remind me why I started, so it was difficult to fall off track.

Taylor: What do you like most about your MBT program?

Jenny: What I like most about MBT is how quickly you start to notice a difference in your body and attitude! For example, I used to run a 9 minute mile at one point, now I run a 6.40 minute mile. To me, that’s a huge deal! I’ve grown a lot of momentum and strength through MBT.

Taylor: What did MBT do for you overall and which goals did you reach?

Jenny: When it comes to worries about sticking to a workout regimen with MBT, Taylor is always a text or call away. The second I talked to her about anxiety, that same day Taylor set me up with a plan regarding mental health and meditation. She genuinely cared and wanted me to become my best self.

Taylor: What are some tips you can give to help other girls stick to an MBT program?

Jenny: Remember why you started. And reach out to Taylor if you’re struggling, she really knows how to help you turn it around.

Taylor: Do you have any other advice you’d like to share with our readers and would you recommend MBT to others?

Jenny: Taking the leap into becoming healthy is sometimes intimidating, but so rewarding and worth it! Just because summer is at an end, doesn’t mean you should let the fall/winter steer you away from your fitness goals 🙂 Start any time, every day is a great day to start. MBT will definitely make the difference if you haven’t had results elsewhere especially because she actually cares and knows what to do when stress gets in the way.

Taylor: Let’s talk about the future…

Now that you reached your initial set of goals, what are you working towards regarding your dreams and your fitness journey?

Jenny: Regarding my future? Well I hope to continue modeling and staying healthy with consistent workouts. I plan to attend college in Fall 2018 and get a degree in business and marketing (and maybe study international business.)

When Jenny was visiting California, we had the chance to meet in person! We did an MBT beach workout and I got to meet her gorgeous mom as well and spend some time on the beach after! She has a beautiful soul and it is SO fulfilling that because my purpose is to help others enhance their lives it connects me to such amazing people around the world!



Of course I am super proud of her for sticking to her MBT program and getting in even more amazing shape physically, but the way her beautiful soul shines through is what really lights me up!
Check out this smile – go follow her on IG @jenny_bryant 


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XO, Taylor