I am so excited to be working with brides-to-be on not only getting in the best shape of their entire lives, but also feeling the best they have ever felt. Your wedding is the most celebrated occasion of your life, and it’s pretty safe to say that every bride-to-be wants the entire event to be perfect, including the way she looks and feels.

I’ve helped several brides get in shape through a customized workout program and eating plan, but unfortunately if the bride-to-be doesn’t first clear the anxiety and stress within her, the workout and eating plan is way less effective. Stress causes you to hold onto weight for no reason!! And let’s be real, it’s nearly impossible to not feel some type of stress when planning an event of this importance. I’ve also seen brides-to-be seem pretty unhappy during the planning phase, making her crazy nervous for the actual day. This is why I created Bride of Bliss.

Every bride-to-be deserves to feel BLISSFUL during the planning phase, for the ceremony, the reception and for the honeymoon! Through this private bridal coaching, of course I’ll be sure to get you in the best shape of your life, but I will also take your happiness to a new level via anti-stress coaching. The start of brides’ new lives should be full of smiles, love, a rocking body and deep emotional bliss. If you’re engaged, let’s talk about your DREAM WEDDING!!!

Email me to set up a call: taylor@brideofbliss.com

Email me to set up a call: taylor@brideofbliss.com