Ever find yourself having a bit of a hard day, in the sense that you just are not feeling good about yourself, the way work is going, your social life, and pretty much anything there is to think of…and then all the sudden you find yourself standing at the fridge…

…eating anything you can pull out of there? Nothing seems to satisfy you, so you keep on going searching for that comfort and satisfying feeling you just NEED so badly…yet the treats and carbs you’re loading up on only provide that satisfaction for a brief moment.

Then you’re left feeling ashamed, guilty, and even more frustrated with yourself.


THIS is what makes eating the way you want to eat based on how you want to look and feel SO DIFFICULT for so many. It’s not the eating well part that’s so ‘hard’. It’s actually the lack of focus on what you are feeling you are missing inwardly. Food is just a way of coping with negative emotion, as you’re trying to fill yourself up with satisfaction. Food, however, provides such a temporary gratification that it actually causes long-term heightened frustration.

The first step to stop emotional eating is to understand it and become aware of it. Literally after reading this, you will start to notice when you are truly hungry or when you are searching for a “fill” and mistakingly using food to temporarily provide this “fill” for you. Just by being aware of this, you’ll gain a lot more control over it.

The next step is to replace emotional eating with healthier ways to “fill” yourself. The replacement should be something enjoyable, something that adds to your spirit in a gratifying way for the long run, not just a temporary fix that will push you further from your desires afterwards.

For example, maybe you like to draw, journal, garden, dance, or take photos. When you find yourself reaching for food for the wrong reasons, start finding the discipline in yourself to instead reach for your enjoyable hobby and spend 15 minutes on it. It may take some will power at first, but once you’re a few minutes into your hobby you will feel a sense of fulfillment that will allow you to be free from the urge to emotional eat. It’s all about gaining control of your emotions, and choosing to feel more enjoyment.

Don’t feel like you have a go-to hobby to fill yourself with instead? This is the perfect time to figure out what your even interested in! Try something you haven’t tried before. It’s exciting to explore and find out more about yourself. It’s time to enrich your life with the simplicity of enjoyment.

Maybe you understand all of this and you ARE aware of when you’re emotional eating, but you still can’t kick the habit…in this case, you might need a little one on one support. Send me a message (click here) and I’ll contact you to setup a call!