Living the MBT lifestyle means lots of sweating everyday, so lots of hair washing. Especially in the summer, it’s way too annoying to be taking the time to blow-dry and style my hair each time I wash it. Lots of times I just let my hair air dry but then am not the biggest fan of how it looks. However, now I started using such an awesome product called My Curlifornia and my hair is SO easy to do now. All I have to do is apply it and I’ll be rocking texturized beach waves.

This is not only a product I love to use, but a brand I love to support!!! You can get your good hair day in a bottle with a 10% discount by going to and using code TAYLOR. The discount is on now and ends July 23rd, so grab your bottle and rock some summer beach waves!!

For everyday use, I throw about 4-5 pumps in my hair while it’s damp for perfect beach waves.

When I’m needing to be a little more polished, I’ll add some loose waves with my curling iron and then finish up the look to make it more beachy with about 4-5 pumps.


So why else do I love My Curlifornia so much?

The whole concept of the beach hair treatment, My Curlifornia, came about by Olivia Loy because she surfs daily and the salt water was really drying out her hair. However, she was getting so many compliments on her naturally beachy hair and recognized the amount of people buying salt sprays to achieve this look. For her though, she knew how the salt water was stripping her hair color and drying it out, so she developed a spray that achieve the same beach wave look while actually adding nutrients and moisture to her hair. Having been involved and also running her family business where their clients are major oil and gas companies/national oil companies, she learned that Quality is #1 so I take that very seriously. Curlifornia does not cut corners or skimp on nourishing ingredients, yet Olivia is able to keep their price down so everyone can use it! Curlifornia is Paraben and Sulfate FREE which means it won’t strip hair of color. It also does not contain alcohol and only contains food preservatives. Curlifornia takes the health of their clients seriously. Since our skin is the largest organ on our body, it is important that we place natural products on it (including our scalp) because our skin absorbs all chemicals/elements.

So what’s it made of if there aren’t any chemicals?

Curlifornia is made with Aloe Vera which is very soothing for the skin and scalp and it is also a very healing agent, most surfers actually use it to heal their reef cuts and to heal their sunburn. Rice and oat protein creates and aids in volumizing the hair. Milk acts as a nourishing ingredient for further moisture and additional vitamins. All the organic fruit and plant extracts were picked specifically for Curlifornia. This tropical blend not only takes you away to your favorite tropical paradise but is also packed full of anti-oxidants and nutrients that our Mother Earth blesses us with.

Don’t be fooled by its fun, sweet, girly look. It packs a punch and really does the job!! I literally keep my bottle in my purse now for a touch up while on the go.

Oh, and another incredible thing about Curlifornia is it supports charities such as Cystic Fibrosis foundation, Cancer Research Foundation and Silver Ribbon. While a good hair day makes us happy, Curlifornia stands for so much more than that! The Curlifornia brand stands for faith, love, laughter, friendship, strength, surf and community.

So want to rock beach waves with hardly any effort while supporting an awesome brand?! You can get your good hair day in a bottle with a 10% discount by going to and using code TAYLOR. The discount is on now and ends July 23rd, so grab your bottle and rock some summer beach waves!!