As we grow up and ‘get serious’, we tend to start putting our creativity on the back burner and on the bottom of our list of priorities. It just seems less and less important for the ‘real world’. Meanwhile, getting creative is actually an incredible stress release – which can then help you get further in the ‘real world’.

Allowing yourself to be creative is exactly what you need to do more of if you find yourself stressed out way too often. When we are full of stress, our imaginations are dimmed down and we’re much too consumed with anxieties and fears. This puts up a major blocking for our creative side. Letting out your creative side will help release some of the blocking/resistance and allow you to be the real you again. 

Being creative allows us to open up our minds and imaginations. We have our imagination for a reason, it helps us to truly define what we want out of life WITHOUT negative limiting beliefs taking control of us.

Here are 3 simple ways implementing a creative activity can immediately help reduce stress and bring your smile & confidence back…

1) Mind Release: When you focus on an activity in front of you instead of allowing your mind to wander off to several worries, you can break your momentum of negative thoughts. This will allow your mind to re-start and release the negative momentum it was spiraling into. Then you can replace the momentum with more positive thinking that’ll naturally come through being creative.

2) Get in ‘FLOW”: When you are super focused on one activity in front of you and getting that           mind release mentioned above, you can get into “flow”. Read more on getting into the state of FLOW here!

3) Attention to Appreciation: With a mind release of the fears, anxieties and negative limiting beliefs plus getting into a state of FLOW, you’ll be able to drive your focus back into appreciation. Appreciation is at the top of the emotional scale, one of the best emotions to feel! Once you can feel appreciation again, you’ll be able to become re-inspired and go after your desires in a much more effective way.

So, are you ready to allow your creativity back into your life?! Keep it simple and start with a creative activity by trying one of these: writing, dancing, designing, gardening, drawing, painting, photography, playing a musical instrument, hiking, nature exploring, cooking, baking, and anything else you can think of!

Whichever seems to replace some stress with relaxation and a joyful feeling is the right one for you, so make it a habit!

Get creative, release stress.

It’ll inspire you to do what’s needed to achieve your desires!