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STEP UP! brings your own personal trainer right into your home or wherever you prefer to workout. Designed by top trainer, Carolyn Taylor Bosco, this detailed eBook conditions girls and women to become leaner, stronger, healthier and happier versions of themselves. Who wouldn’t want to go down that road? STEP UP! includes 3 months of workouts with in-depth photo tutorials designed specifically for you, month-by-month. What else is inside? Simple and easy-to-use nutrition guidelines, as Carolyn is a firm believer that your body is a result of 80% nutrition and 20% working out.

No equipment is needed to complete this program, as the workouts solely use body weight to tighten and sculpt your entire figure. Stop feeling mediocre and start feeling and looking amazing! Step Up and experience the new you!

Unlock Your Potential, MBT has the Key.


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So, what’s the key to burning the most fat in the shortest amount of time while keeping your joints safe? The key is short, high intensity intervals. I’ve created a special mix that when combined will take your body to a new level. Forget plateauing or hours of running on the treadmill. I’ve designed this program to take you to your tightest, most lean, toned body through plyometrics, core-work and lengthening exercises.

Your Trainer, Carolyn Taylor Bosco

Step Up! & Experience the New You

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STEP UP! eBook

(12 Week Workout Program)

Price: $64.95

STEP UP! was designed for the sole purpose of helping you live a life of maximum fulfilled potential.
  • 3 Months of Workouts Designed Specifically for a Woman’s Body
  • Clear & Fun Photo Tutorials For Every Workout Move
  • Nutrition Guidelines To Get The Most Out of Your Workouts & Meals
  • Trainer Tips to Complete This Program Properly and Stay Motivated
  • Fitness Glossary Thoroughly Explains How To Do Moves, What Muscles Are Being Targeted & Reason For Doing Them
  • Full Trainer Support Through Email or Text

*If you complete STEP UP!, send your before & after photos to to be chosen to be on the cover of an MBT Monthly Magazine. You’ll also be entered in to win a free training session or personalized written workout!*

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Working with Carolyn is such a treat, she not only kicks my ass and listens to what my goals are but is like working out with a girlfriend!

Amanda Li Paige

Swim Suit Model

I’ve been following the My Body Taylor nutrition guide for just three weeks now and I already lost 16.5 pounds!

Erin Brunt

Accountant & Wife

Thanks to Carolyn Bosco’s new workout plan within just TWO WEEKS I have seen such great results! I have been so determined and each time I feel as if I might slip, Carolyn is right there to motivate me! Each workout is new, challenging and toning to each part of my body! I cant wait to continue on with the weight loss!


College Student

I’m so excited to be following a fitness and eating plan that is finally simple enough to not get in the way of my busy schedule. Between work and school, it’s hard to find time for myself, but Carolyn has shown me tricks to make sure it happens daily. After one week I started feeling better, after two weeks I started losing extra fat (I lost 5 pounds of fat!), and now after 5 weeks I’ve taken on some abs. AND I’m all around happier thanks to my healthier lifestyle. Never going back!!



Sales Manager

I love training with Carolyn because she makes it feel like I’m working out with a best friend and she consistently motivates me 24/7, whether we’re in a session or she’s checking in on me. she is always available no matter what my schedule, arrives on time if not early, and always in a great mood! she makes me want to workout with her and her training gives me results that not only I see but other people see and ask me what I do! 💕💕💕💕

Lindsay Hughes



Today’s the day you take control. Be the gal who’s constantly killing it. Take this My Body Taylor Challenge and STEP UP! to the new you!

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