Sure, you’ve heard the benefits of exercise over and over and over and over again. The continual massive growth of fitness shows us that people are definitely clueing in to the importance of exercise, but what you may not realize are some of the side effects of being a fitness babe (you know, other than looking hot and being healthier).

If you’re someone who exercises as part of your regular lifestyle for a little while now, you’ve probably began to notice these…

…and if you haven’t made it a part of your lifestyle yet, you’re about to want to.

So, here are three side effects of exercise you must not miss out on!!!

  1. Boosting Romance in Your Life: Maybe you already have a partner or maybe you don’t, either way, throwing fitness into the mix of your relationship will create a deeper bond, as you’ll spend some time getting stronger together, have flirty mini-competitions to spice things up, and most of all be focusing on personal growth together! If you don’t already have a special someone to challenge to a treadmill battle, well, this may just be the way you meet someone worth while. Think about it, do you really want to meet someone in a bar? Sure, it’s POSSIBLE to meet someone cool at a bar, but is it likely? Not as likely as it is to meet someone in your neighborhood gym, the newest HIIT workout studio or even at the park out for a run. Meeting a guy in a bar (of course, there are exceptions) would probably be someone who doesn’t focus much on his health, has a Dad bod, can’t lift the furniture you need to move, and is too lazy to randomly surprise you with an adventure. On the contrary, meeting a guy during your workout hour may very well mean a broad-shouldered strong man who knows the importance of personal growth, loves to take on new challenges (cough*YOU*cough) putting forth his best effort, and knows the importance of keeping things fresh! You see my point?
  2. Career Growth: Yup, the effort you put forth to improve yourself personally will carry over into the workplace. First off, you will look more put together and polished, showing you take care of yourself very well, which means you’re more likely to take care of your work with that same care. Second, you’ll have way more energy to be productive AND the increased clarity within your mind will 100% improve your creativity, making you not just work harder but SMARTER.
  3. Become An Inspiration: Whether you like it or not, you have an effect on those around you. With that in mind, do you want to be a positive or negative influence on your friends and family? Treating yourself with enough respect to treat yourself to all of the amazing benefits regular exercise has to offer will not only make you better personally, but those around you will watch your example. Before you know it, you’ll be inspiring friends and family to jump on board and improve their own lives. How cool is that?!

It’s not just the health improvements and physical appearance you’re gaining from a lifestyle that includes regular exercise, it is SO MUCH MORE. You’re gaining LIFE.