Clearly I’m a huge advocate of morning rituals/routines, but it’s only because it’s helped me to train my mind in such a drastic way. It makes the difference between having an excited, productive, fun-filled day and having a dragged-out, down-feeling mediocre day.

I’ve adjusted my morning rituals/routine over the past few years, and the way I’ve gotten it down now is truly something special, as it’s proven to spike massive shifts in my clients as well.

Whether you have a morning routine that is directed at setting your mind and spirit up properly for the day or not, give this a try and be consistent with it for at least 1 full week, and see if you notice any changes in the way you feel.

You most definitely will. Plus, if you keep it up and stick to it long-term, you’ll start noticing differences not only in the way you feel but in the way you’re creating your reality.

Here are the 3 morning habits to do before you do ANYTHING else in the morning…

  1. Write down 3 appreciation devotions. Focus on this appreciation and what that feels like inside you. (i.e. I appreciate the sun rising today. I appreciate my feeling of being well-rested in every cell of my body. I appreciate the opportunities that will come my way today.)
  2. Meditate. Sick of me saying this yet? I’m never going to stop encouraging meditation. The only time people don’t benefit from meditation is when they don’t do it. Try one of my free guided meditations or try the full guided meditation album which includes a guide of when to use each meditation.
  3. Set an intention for the day. After you’ve meditated and connected with who you really are, it’s the perfect time to set an intention for the day. Intentions hold a massive amount of power, so setting one will allow your subconscious to guide you in that direction for the rest of the day. (i.e. I intend to remain connected to who I truly am and to fully take responsibility for how I feel today, choosing to feel good, because it IS up to me.)

After this, start your beautiful day. 

You can read this and say, “yeah that would be good to do I should start doing that,
and then NOT take any action to start, leaving all of the joyful benefits behind.


You can show yourself some respect, have just a tiny bit of discipline and start this NOW. Don’t even wait till tomorrow, do today’s anytime today. Tomorrow morning will be day 2. Get the momentum going now!

I wouldn’t take the time to write this up if I was not 100% sure you would benefit from it…

Hope you find it in yourself to grow into the joyful being you’re meant to be. Just watch the excitement unfold…